Oceana Property Partners



At Oceana Property Partners (OPP), we identify opportune locations and assets with the scope to capitalise on market changing opportunities.

We apply a comprehensive understanding of all market dynamics, apply wide-ranging analysis, and understand the catalysts that create and unlock value. Using our broad market relationships, OPP focuses on engineering outcomes, extracting the latent value in property assets through risk mitigated strategies.

Oceana Property Partners prides itself on its attention to detail, rigorous due diligence processes and stringent investment criteria.

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Location and configuration

The OPP acquisition journey always starts with an asset’s location and configuration. Specific focus is given to the construction of the asset, looking at characteristics floorplate configuration, light travel, lobby design and mechanical systems. We then deep dive on the location to understand competing supply, demand, transport, and nearby amenities in the context of changing consumer and tenant behaviours.

Hands-on approach

OPP is an active manager which prides itself on its ability to extract value through is hands on approach. To ensure the efficient and cost-effective delivery of the upgrade programs, OPP has an extensive list of delivery partners who the team have worked with over many years. These integral relationships are key to delivering the programs on-time and on-budget. The speed of delivery is critical to drive returns and results, and OPP prides itself on the intensity of its approach on all projects.

Investment in single property trusts

Oceana will typically invest in single property trusts, providing a regular and attractive running yield and the potential for capital gains. Our property syndicates tend to be closed-ended (i.e., they involve a restricted number of investors and a set amount of capital to be raised). Oceana are seeking high quality properties with a strong point of difference, with the ability to generate long-term stable income.

Thematic investing

OPP applies its value investing expertise to construct limited thematic property plays. We start with a framework of dimension and volume metrics before applying our specialist market insights and data. Established agent networks provide exclusive access to specific precincts and streets.